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Apple Blossom Parade returning to St. Joseph this weekend



St. Joseph Post

After a year of hiatus due to COVID-19, the Apple Blossom Parade is announced for 2021 in St. Joseph.

The parade will take place on Saturday May 1st and will begin at 9:30 am on the corner of Frederick and Ashland Avenues and end downtown near 4th and Felix.

Ken Rosenauer, a longtime Apple Blossom Festival volunteer, said after the Old Order of the Hibernians held their St. Patrick’s Day parade in St. Joseph last month, he knew the Apple Blossom Parade was another step in this year this direction could be normality.

“The bottom line was that we wanted to make sure we had the first chance we had this year,” said Rosenauer on KFEQ’s The Hotline with Barry Birr. “Everyone, I don’t care who you talk to, want to get back to normal. The apple blossom parade on the first Saturday in May is normal. “

The Apple Blossom Festival won’t be in full swing this year. While the parade is taking place, both the barbecue and the pageant have been canceled due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns. Despite these restrictions, says Rosenauer, parade visitors will have a pleasant time.

“There are still many things people can safely do outside,” he said. “We know we’ve taken a step back, but we’re coming back and hope to come back stronger than ever next year.”

Participation in the parade is free. There are around 50 float entries this year. The cars are decorated with the theme “Telling our Stories”.

The first apple blossom parade and the first apple blossom festival in St. Joseph took place as early as 1924 and were continued continuously with the exception of the COVID shutdown in 2020.

Rosenauer says the parade and festival evoke a sense of spring optimism and cheer, and he believes that is why the tradition has lasted so long.

“The people who take part in the parade and those who come out to see the parade know there is this feeling of rebirth and regrowth,” said Rosenauer, “and good things are about to come down the street. I think that’s why we keep doing what we do. “




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