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The Bee Wayne Bakery was once located at 521 Edmond Street, on the northwest corner of 6th & Edmond. This is the only photo I have of Bee Wayne at this location. The downtown building no longer exists, it is currently a municipal parking lot.

In the 1950 city directory, Bee Wayne Bakery was listed at 2516 Mitchell

In 1935, the Norris Drug Store was located at 2518 Mitchell. It later became a Herman Drug Store

Bee Wayne’s was on the west side of the drugstore as photo #2 shows a bricked up wall and door

The middle door gives access to the apartment above

By 1960, the Bee Wayne Bakery had moved to 221 South 22nd Street

It was one of St. Joseph’s most popular bakeries

John (Jake) Jacobs bought the bakery building on South 22nd and converted it into a garage to service his used cars and also served as his office for many years

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