Buchanan County assessor resigns early, Dean Wilson starting in July


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Bulkhead Van Meter. Courtesy Buchanan County.


St. Joseph Post

Former Buchanan County’s assessor, Scot Van Meter, stepped down almost three months before his term ended in August.

Van Meter resigned and resigned on June 4 to pursue a new career opportunity in Florida. Van Meter has served as a county assessor since 2001. Dean Wilson, who was elected in November, will take office on July 6th.

Buchanan County’s chief commissioner Lee Sawyer says they are grateful to Van Meter for many years of service.

“We wish Scot all the best and I think he’s ready for a new chapter in his career that we fully understand. He has a lot of experience with Dean (Wilson) on board. “

Tracy Starks has since been sworn in as an interim assessor and will assist in the transition before Wilson takes over.

Starks acts as the main representative of the assessor and has been with the office since 2010.

“She was really a focal point in this office,” Sawyer said. “A very logical approach to have them in place during this time.”

Sawyer also said that once Wilson takes on the full-time county assessor role, Wilson will be a natural addition.

“It’s always good to have new eyes and ears and potentially new approaches,” said Sawyer. “But we have some good people in this department who know what they’re doing.”

The appraisal office also has some vacancies to fill. Sawyer says the county will give Wilson the final say as soon as he starts in July.

“We began the search with the help of Human Resources,” Sawyer said. “So Dean is going to be an important part of this whole process. He will have the last word on who is hired. “

Dean Wilson (left).Dean Wilson (left).

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