City Of Bethany Urged To Conserve Power In Next Few Days By MPUA


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Bethany city administrator Jacob Taylor told Bethany’s board of directors on Monday evening that the Municipal Public Utility Alliance is informing members of the alliance that energy conservation will be strongly encouraged for the next few days as there is unprecedented demand for electricity in the bitterly cold weather . The MPUA advises Bethanien residents to place their thermostats between 67 and 69 degrees, and commercial businesses should also do whatever they can to conserve energy. To date, rolling power interruptions have not been required, but these interruptions have been experienced in other areas. Bethany’s natural gas situation looks good at this point based on current supplies to the city.

During Monday’s meeting, Bethany’s council received news that the Department of Natural Resources had approved the relocation. A site survey will be completed by the end of the month. The site agreement is approved by the council on March 1st.

The city approved a city payment of just over $ 131,000 for roofing work on the Bethany Community Gym. This final bill may still be negotiated.

The city has improved its score for its annual MIRMA safety rating. This rating determines the insurance rating for urban property. The city’s score improved from 87 to 92. The rocket slide in the city park will also go into operation this spring. This work, and the required railing on the Babe Adams ball field, should further add to the town’s score.

Herzog Construction has been selected as the contractor for the city’s road overlay project for 2021. At the request of the city administrator, the city council approved the inclusion of 6th street in the street overlay project, provided that this is financially compatible.

The city of Bethanien has vacancies in the planning and zoning committee and in the administrative board. Interested parties can contact the city administrator Jacob Taylor.

All employees of the City of Bethanien have received the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccination event took place on Friday.



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