FDA Approves Drug Treatment For Alzheimer’s Disease


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There is a promise of some relief for those now living with the most common cause of dementia. Lauren Livingston, director of communications for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Iowa Chapter, says there was much optimism when the FDA on Monday approved a drug for the disease that it calls “historic” and the beginning of an entirely new future.

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The drug aducanumab is made by Biogen, and she says there’s an important difference, it’s a treatment for Alzheimer’s, not a cure.

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This is believed to be the first drug to slow down Alzheimer’s disease, and she says the drug addresses the disease in ways that have never been seen before compared to currently approved drugs.

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The drug is expected to become widely available in the near future.

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Alzheimer’s is a progressive, degenerative, and fatal brain disease.



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