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Gov. Parson hears of repair to Missouri River levee broken in 2019


Governor Mike Parson speaks to a crowd gathered at the White Barn Event Center near Rock Pork / photo by Brent Martin


St. Joseph Post

Missouri Governor Mike Parson returns to Atchison County after hearing
on repairs to a large levee on the Missouri River that collapsed in 2019 and a
wide strip of northwest Missouri.

Governor Parson recalls the devastation that spring.

“You were wondering how on earth we’re going to do all of this
Pieces back together? More importantly, how are you going to prevent this from happening?
from happening in the future? “Parson told reporters after visiting locals
Officials as well as officials of the US Army Corps of Engineers at the
White Barn Event Center near Rock Port.

Local officials believed they had answers to the questions
Asked Parson.

But they needed the help of the state.

Atchison County’s Levee District officials along with
local election officials pushed for the dike to be pulled back. They thought about it
Moving the levee, officially called the L-536, near the Holt-Atchison County line,
Back would give the flood space to the pool and relieve the dike. The
Extra space can make the difference between owning a dike and having a dike
break like in 2019, 2011 and 1993.

Parson says members of his administration, especially within
the Department of Natural Resources, warmed to the idea. Then they are active
campaigned for this with the US Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies

The result: a converted one
Levee set back and ready for the next big flood on the Missouri River.

“But I believe that this will be the model of the future for a
many other counties in our state, ”says Parson. “We can do it
Take a look at this county in particular and tell when all the parts coincide
can do some really good things. “

Governor Parson speaks to some ahead of the meeting / photo by Brent MartinGovernor Parson speaks to some ahead of the meeting / photo by Brent Martin

Parson says the state needs to work and work with the Corps
local agencies and landowners to make it happen. First he had to get different ones
government agencies to unite behind the project.

“The state has an enormous amount of resources if we can
Put all of our agencies together and find out how best to move forward. “
according to Parson.

It also took on local work and collaboration
Farmers who owned the land needed a setback.

“And to say, okay, what are the barriers to withdrawal a
Dam? I understand the value of land as a farmer, but I know it too
Sometimes you have to do better to other people as you move forward. “
Parson says.

Parson also credits the new collaboration he sees from his
Fellow governors who have seen the Missouri River flood are destroying too much
Too much time.

“I also think the governors are united with what happened in
Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, ”says Parson. “We all knew this was a big project
for this river and that we all had to do something. So again me
think it brings a lot of people to the table who have knowledge (about)
how to change things. But look, there is still a lot to be done. That is a
A great success story today, but this is a great flow. “

Parson has met with governors of the other three
States banding together to change the Missouri River levee system, which has so failed
spectacular in 2019. He left the Atchison County meeting for council
Bluffs, Iowa, where he met with the governors of the other three states.



Robert Dunfee