King City Board Approves Longevity Stipend For Employees


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The King City Board of approved a $ 500 increase in the base salary during a meeting Monday night. The promotion will set King City’s base salary to $ 33,750. King City will also include a Longevity Scholarship offered under the 11th and 21st contracts with the school district. They will provide an additional $ 300 for contracts offered after the 11th year with the district and $ 600 for contracts offered after the 21st year with the district.

King City’s board members have agreed to continue to be part of the MEUHP for health insurance.

The board of directors plans to participate in an e-rate program, which provides for a reimbursement of 70 percent for the technical infrastructure.

The board will receive the specifications for roofing work to be done this summer next week. The board also approved offers for toilet upgrades. These tenders included DS Painting for floor coverings, Simon Parsons for rock slabs and Eckard’s for wall tiles.

The King City Summer School runs from June 1st to June 18th.

The board renewed full-time certified staff and hired Shea Miller and Rylee Wilkerson for teaching jobs in King City’s upper elementary school.



Robert Dunfee