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Sportsgiving came out earlier this year.

According to a post from Imgur / Reddit by user gotsnowart, a high school girls basketball team in St. Joseph, Missouri received the surprise of a lifetime in the form of a very special delivery in the mail. The Benton Cardinals have already soared after securing the Missouri State Championship for 2016, but a surprise package from NBA legend LeBron James lifted their spirits to a new, rising level.

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According to reports, James sent the ladies some cute new kicks, championship jerseys, and an autographed letter that reads:
Nobody beats a cardinal. You made that clear.
But you can’t stop working. You can’t let up. Not even a little bit.
You have to complete this four peat.
So stay humble, stay strong and oh yeah – stay undefeated.
I will take care.
It looks like the Cardinals weren’t the only high school team the NBA superstar turned to. A local news story from Spirit Lake, Idaho, describes a double report of a similar surprise for his local high school team, the Timberlake Lady Tigers. And in Virginia, two other girls’ teams received similar packages. The gifts appear to be in partnership with Nike; The brand is a lifelong sponsor of James.

In the following video on Twitter, the Lady Tigers respond to the big revelation in a distinct high school girl fashion: With shouts of “No way”.

The big reveal of yesterday. @nikebasketball @KingJames @teamlebron

– Taylor Viydo (@KREMTaylor) November 22, 2016

According to Major Wiggins, the father of one of the players on the Princess Anne High School team in Virginia, the words of encouragement to the young women are very inspiring.

“It’s really great for the girls to be recognized by arguably the best basketball players in the world. I’m sure it makes the girls feel that their hard work is paying off, ”he told an Ultimate Recruit reporter.

Each note James signed appears to be personalized to reflect each team’s unique track record.

The gifts are sure to get these ladies excited about the next season and inspire them to keep up the hard work. Finally, King James watches.

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