Missouri Western officials optimistic about return of Chiefs’ training camp


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Chiefs Training Camp 2019. Stock Photo.


St. Joseph Post

The City of St. Joseph and Missouri Western State University will soon know exactly what the Kansas City Chiefs plan is for a training camp.

The NFL has given all 32 teams the go-ahead to travel to their training camps this summer. Fans are also allowed to watch as long as state and local protocols are followed.

The training camp has been held on the Missouri Western campus since 2010. It was held at the Kansas City exercise facility last summer due to COVID-19.

Missouri Western Sporting Director Josh Looney says the school’s relationship with the Chiefs has always been positive and he looks forward to hearing their plans for the training camp soon.

“Obviously we at Missouri Western are very confident that we can host a camp this year and keep to protocol,” Looney told the Post in an interview. “We’re still working with the Chiefs and we’re unable to share data or confirm things, so it’s still a bit of a waiting game.”

The Chiefs will hold a training camp in St. Joseph through 2024. A full training camp schedule is expected to be announced in the next week or two.

“We will follow the lead of the NFL and adapt and we feel in a good position to follow all the protocols required for the training camp in 2021,” Looney said.

The training camp has always brought hundreds of fans from Kansas City and beyond to St. Joseph, giving local restaurants, hotels, and businesses a good boost.

Looney says Kansas City’s latest streak of five consecutive division titles, consecutive conference titles, and a 2020 Super Bowl win made the excitement especially during the 2019 camp.

“We had a record camp and it was an incredible atmosphere,” Looney recalls. “A red sea in the whole community. We had a rally downtown to welcome the team to the camp. Then they go and win the Super Bowl. Then in 2020 it was canceled and we were expecting another record camp, so I think there is some catching up to do. “

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