Open burning permitted in St. Joseph through the end of April, officials urge cautiont


Courtesy of the City of St. Joseph.


St. Joseph Post

The residents of St. Joseph can still practice open burning until the end of April to clear garden waste.

The St. Joseph Fire Department reminds residents that burning is only allowed between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. All fires must be in an upright container that is 55 gallons and 55 gallons or less.

Fires must also be at least 15 feet from any structure, must be monitored at all times, and fire fighting equipment must be nearby.

Steve Henrichson, St. Joseph Fire Inspector, says open burning can be banned for the day when there is adverse weather conditions such as high winds.

“Like (Friday) in high winds, the battalion chief, chief on duty, or the St. Joseph Health Department can cancel it for that day,” he said.

Henrichson says anyone who burns openly outside of the allowed hours or burns on a day when it is prohibited will receive an oral warning the first time.

“For the second time and beyond, they can have a police officer come over and write a subpoena in court,” he said. “Then it’s up to the judge how much he wants to punish you. It can be up to $ 250. “

Northwest Missouri and Eastern Kansas have experienced some dry and windy conditions in the past few days. This has resulted in a series of red flag warnings and special weather reports from the National Meteorological Service.

Henrichson says recent rains have somewhat mitigated the risk of fire outdoors, but they are still being called from time to time.

“The rains we’ve had over the past few weeks have really made the ground a lot wetter than it was,” said Henrichson. “About a month ago we had a couple of days that we spent half the day hunting a couple (grass fires), but it hasn’t been that bad for the past few weeks. We had little ones. “

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