Popular St. Joseph ice cream shop adds a location in Maryville


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Evans Family / Photo provided by Austin Evans


St. Joseph Post

The iconic pink cone of St. Joseph is relocating to its neighboring college town of Maryville.

Kris and Kate’s owner Austin Evans, a St. Joseph born and raised local, asks who doesn’t know the pink ice cream cone?

“I always thought it was so cool because whether you’re literally two years old talking or you’re 90, you know what the pink ice cream cone is, so it’s just so iconic,” Evans tells the St. Joseph Post. “I loved it as a kid. As a kid, I always joke like I would like to work here. I want to own it someday like many kids do and I had the opportunity to buy it and jumped over it. Loved it.”

Kris and Kates St. Joseph Location / Photo by Whitnee IceKris and Kates St. Joseph Location / Photo by Whitnee Ice

Evans says he enjoys the energy of Maryville and looks forward to relocating to college town, although there has been some discussion among parishioners about the building itself.

“There’s a lot of discussion in Maryville these days that it’s an eyesore and ugly,” says Evans. “We paint it. It is painted pink. It’s outfitted just like the cone here in St. Joe. We’re going to have really pretty landscaping. We have just poured a terrace; We will have beautiful railings. I mean, the whole thing will be very, very beautiful, so it won’t be a thorn in the side for long. ”

Evans bought the ice cream parlor and reopened it for the first time in April 2020 during the heat of the pandemic with no ill effects.

“The support was amazing, people came out of the woodwork like crazy,” says Evans. “I think people wanted to get out of the house. I think people were looking forward to Kris and Kates, a St. Joe’s book that opens when it was kind of sitting with an uncertain future, and we queued like crazy back to Scooters coffee. It was just so wild. Tons of support and it was really good. I am very grateful for the way everything has developed during COVID. ”

The new location for Kris and Kate’s will be in Maryville on 4th Street and Buchanan Street behind Bank Midwest. Evans hopes the store front will open in mid-July.

Kris and Kates St. Joseph Location / Photo by Whitnee IceKris and Kates St. Joseph Location / Photo by Whitnee Ice



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