Repair Work For Flood-Damaged Holt & Atchison County Routes Beginning Monday


A project to replace several flood-damaged roads in Atchison and Holt Counties is expected to begin next week.

Crews at Herzog Contracting Corp., working with the Missouri Department of Transportation, plan to begin grading on Monday, April 12th.

Work begins on Route 111 Lane (Holt County) to Route E (Atchison County).

In early May, the crews will tackle Holt County Route W and Atchison County Route Z.

Crews will move to Atchison County Routes E and U in mid-June.

In early July, the crews will be ready with Atchison County Routes D and V.

The paving should start at the end of May.

Paving is expected to proceed north from Holt / Atchison County Route 111 in the same order as the sorting.

During the leveling and paving work, the lane is reduced to one lane with flags and a pilot car that guides drivers through the work zone.

Drivers entering the re-emerged route from a side road also have to wait for a pilot car.

The crews plan to reappear all routes by the end of September.

All work is weather dependent and schedules are subject to change.



Robert Dunfee