Show-Me State Games concludes annual Torch Run tour in St. Joseph Monday


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St. Joseph parishioners walked through Bartlett Park Monday with the Show-Me State Games ceremonial torch in hand. Photo by Tommy Rezac.


St. Joseph Post

The annual Show-Me State Games in Missouri are poised to make a strong comeback this summer after being canceled last year.

The Show-Me State Games have partnered with Shelter Insurance for years to host the Shelter Insurance Torch Run, a tour event that runs through multiple Missouri cities and sponsors the annual State Games.

This torch relay made its last stop in St. Joseph on Monday.

Official state games, along with representatives from the St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau, Parks and Recreation, and several community members, gathered in Bartlett Park for a short torch-lit ceremony and a quick torch run in the park.

Dave Fox, the executive director of Show-Me State Games, says the torchlight ceremony is always a must before the annual games begin.

“That’s one thing, when you look back in the early days of the Olympics, there’s one thing in common and that’s a torch,” said Fox. “We’re an Olympic-style sports festival and I think that’s a common denominator between the Olympics many years ago and where we are today.”

This is the 37th year of the Show-Me State Games, which kick off June 10-13 in Columbia with the Senior State Games.

The events will resume with Week 1 of the State Games July 16-18 and Week 2 July 23-25 ​​- also in Columbia.

Needless to say, the organizers are excited to be back this year to hold the personal event.

“This is the year,” said Anna Hargis, a member of the Show-Me State Torch Running Committee. “Let’s do that. Let’s get back together. Let’s also hang a few medals around the necks of some children and some seniors.”

Hargis is also the advertising director for Shelter Insurance – one of the original sponsors of the State Games. Prior to St. Joseph, she had traveled with the Torch Run Committee to St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, Springfield, Joplin, Kansas City, and other places in the past few days.

“I love touring the state,” she said. “St. Josef is beautiful. What a fun place to meet the people here and encourage them to take part in the games. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Missourians can register for the Games at You have more than 40 sports to choose from. From pickle balls to powerlifting. From soccer to fencing.

“We think we have something for everyone,” said Fox. “I don’t care what skills or age you are or how good you are at something. We are concerned with an active, healthy lifestyle. We are very happy to have a nationwide opportunity to show this. “

Missouri has seen 35,000-40,000 entrants in the State Games in the past.

While the Show-Me State Games are a nationwide event, Fox said the St. Joseph legend and former State Games executive director Dave Filbert made a huge impact on the games.

A graduate of Benton, Filbert was Missouri Western’s first basketball coach and helped found the Missouri Basketball Coaches’ Association.

“He’s got it all when I’m here today,” Fox said of Filbert. “There is definitely a connection way back. But we are really a nationwide organization. We will get participation from all four corners of the state. “

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