South Harrison Approves Technology Construction Project For Upcoming Year


Photo by Jeremy Shields

The South Harrison School Board members organized and approved the technology building project during a meeting on Monday evening for the following year.

After the election earlier this month, Dick Smith and Kalsey McCall took the oaths. Nick Fitzgerald has been named President of the South Harrison Board. CF Rainey becomes Vice President. Mike Spurling becomes secretary. Jeanna Stratton becomes treasurer. Kalsey McCall has been named South Harrison’s MSBA Delegate.

The board approved the recommendation for the technology building project for the coming school year. South Harrison’s Building Trades Program will build a house northwest of Bethany for Brandon and Callie Hunter. It is being built on Highway W.

The South Harrison Board agreed to increase bus drivers’ daily pay from $ 64 to $ 66.

South Harrison also approved the purchase of a 71-passenger bus from the central states.

The board also approved the daily tuition fees for the next year. South Harrison’s high school tuition will be $ 11,635. Middle school tuition is $ 6,097. Elementary school fee is $ 7,330.

The South Harrison board of directors also accepted Joyce Best’s retiree at the meeting.



Robert Dunfee