St. Joseph Officers Reprimanded after Cuffing Victim of Domestic Violence


ST. JOSEPH, Mon. (AP) – Two Missouri police officers were reprimanded after handcuffing and issuing tickets to a domestic violence victim in an incident captured on security video.

St. Joseph Police Captain Jeff Wilson told St. Joseph News-Press that he was unable to provide details about the discipline.

“But,” he added, “the department has taken corrective action regarding this incident.”

Miranda Hicks, who uploaded a security video of the incident to social media, confirmed to the newspaper that she was the woman arrested by police and initially issued tickets to enter and destroy property. The tickets became invalid after she filed a complaint.

“Basically, I was a victim of a domestic attack that left me suffocating for about five minutes,” said Miranda Hicks. “When the police arrived, I didn’t respond. It took them a while to get me up, but when I did, they immediately handcuffed me. “

Her estranged husband Andrew Hicks later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years probation on Wednesday. Court records show the couple is in the middle of a divorce.

The probable cause statement filed against him said that local officials discovered that Miranda Hicks had injuries that included a black eye but still ticked her.



Robert Dunfee