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St. Joseph Parks encourages residents to get out and explore this summer


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Parks Pass / Photo courtesy of Parks Department


St. Joseph Post

A new program called Parks Passport is here for the summer in St. Joseph.

The goal of the program is to bring people into the community and explore what St. Joseph has to offer with its parking system.

Parks spokeswoman Jessica Oshel said this year is the first year for the program.

“This year is kind of a trial run so we’ll see what works and what doesn’t and we’ll try to improve it over the next few years, but we really want it to be an annual thing. “Oshel tells St. Joseph Post.

Oshel says the playground that participates in the passport program has QR codes to scan.

“For Park Challenges, when you visit the park, you take a photo of your little adventurer who finishes the challenge or after he has completed the challenge,” says Oshel. “You send that to us either via Facebook, Instagram or my email.

Oshel says there isn’t a specific order in which you have to complete the parks and challenges.

“If you want to do five in one weekend, you can do all five parks and challenges in one weekend, or you can only do the designated feature parks each week, or if you want to knock them all out in one week, you can do”, says Oshel. “Everything is based on your own schedule, your own availability. We really want to make this as flexible as possible so that as many children as possible can participate. ”

Oshel says she hopes families unable to travel this summer due to the pandemic can find an escape in St. Joseph and its entire park system. For more information, please visit the St. Joseph’s Parks Department Facebook page or website.

Park Challenges / Photo courtesy of Parks DepartmentPark Challenges / Photo courtesy of Parks Department

Participating Playgrounds / Photo courtesy of Parks DepartmentParticipating Playgrounds / Photo courtesy of Parks Department



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