Three Area Individuals, Including 8-Year Old, Seriously Injured Near Gower


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Three people from the area, including a child, were seriously injured in an accident involving two vehicles near Gower on Thursday morning.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the crash occurred when a vehicle owned by 24-year-old Victoria D. Hanway, who was a resident of the agency, was traveling north on Route B, 5 miles south of Gower, when she was one Another vehicle traveling east on Missouri did not give way 116. The front of the other vehicle hit Hanway’s vehicle on the driver’s door and threw Hanway out of the car. Hanway’s vehicle continued to pull off the road and hit a house.

Hanway and the 34-year-old Kristi Sohm from Plattsburg, who drove the other vehicle, were taken to Mosaic Life Care in St. Joseph with serious injuries. An 8-year-old female child, also from Plattsburg, who was in Sohm’s vehicle, was brought to the KU Medical Center by LifeNet with serious injuries.



Robert Dunfee