Unionville Man Charged With Dropping Baby on Her Head Three Times


Tyler hurt. Photo from Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

A Unionville man is held in Putnam County Jail and charged with dropping a 3-month-old baby on his head.

According to court records, 27-year-old Tyler Hurt is charged with child molestation, which leads to bodily harm. A statement from the Unionville Police Department said that Hurt admitted dropping the girl on her head three times in two weeks. Each incident happened when he had the baby in his left hand and was reaching for a diaper. Hurt said the girl fell about three to four feet on a carpeted concrete floor, but with no padding.

Police said Hurt said he was under pressure to find a job, a car, and let several people get on and off his house. He is said not to have sought medical attention for the baby, who, according to doctors, suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on both sides of his brain.

Hurt is being held in Putnam County Jail on a $ 25,000 cash loan.



Robert Dunfee